Meet PICASSO the Open-air Vintage Photo Booth

This is Picasso. He is a true work of art!

Picasso - Vintage Style Open Air Photo Booth
Picasso – Vintage Style Open Air Photo Booth

Picasso stands alone, open-air style, ready to entertain a crowd. Handcrafted from repurposed antique treasures, our family’s beautiful old cigar box hides a DSLR camera for professional, crystal clear photos; a rich wooden art easel perched on a stack of well-traveled suitcases showcases a 22″ touchscreen monitor and a handcrafted crate houses a dye-sub, lightning-fast printer! SNAZZY! Picasso is a handsome addition to your indoor or outdoor event.


Fully automated, totally modern equipment with a vintage style twist! Picasso features:

  • 22″ Touchscreen Monitor
  • DSLR Camera
  • Studio Lighting
  • Dye-Sub Printer for Quality Photo Strips




Picasso is a true work of art and adds so much fun to any party.