A Unique Advertising Opportunity

Our photo booth has your name written all over it!

If your company is looking for a fun and exciting way to connect with current or future customers, our photo booth experience is a truly memorable option to attract long lasting attention. We’ll give your audience both a unique experience they won’t soon forget and a personalized, corporate branded photo strip to display and show friends and coworkers. Your uniquely branded photo strip might end up being displayed on a guest’s refrigerator, in their wallet or on their desk at work for years to come! We have options for adding your logo to the side of the trailer booth, and to the backdrop inside the booth as well. Additionally, we have social media options to get your followers engaged online.

Non-Profit/Charitable Organizations, Here’s an idea for you:


Your Event + Your Guests + Your Sponsors = Win, Win, Win!

What if you are a charitable organization hoping to attract attention for your cause and you are working with a limited budget or you would like your funds to go directly to your cause, not spent on marketing. You know our photo booth would be a great addition to an event, perhaps attracting more donors and awareness. We have an amazing option for you to consider.

Add some excitement to your fundraising event with our photo booth!

You might consider partnering with one or more sponsors. Let’s say our fee for running our amazing photo booth experience at your gala is $800 for the evening. Offer a chance for your donors to sponsor the experience. We’ll include their logo on the photo booth pictures that guests keep. You will likely raise above and beyond our fee, allowing you to keep any additional profits for your cause. This option gives your organization a way to provide your audience an amazing experience they won’t forget, your sponsors a way to get some advertising in while supporting a worthy cause, and your organization the exposure you are looking for. WIN-WIN-WIN!

Our photo booth has your name written all over it!

Whether you are business looking for a new advertising avenue or you are a non-profit looking for a unique way to generate interest in your cause, we would love to work with you. Our booth is perfect for fundraisers, concerts and festivals, opening ceremonies, VIP events and on the tradeshow floor.

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