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From the bottom of our hearts…

19092775_1040109279453614_4846829635048088302_oWe are always, always, always honored to be a part of your event. From weddings to fundraisers to street fairs and markets, we are privy to sharing the most magical, carefree moments of any celebration. A photo booth brings out something special in young and old, and in-between; a camaraderie, laughter, light silliness that just feels good.

This weekend we had the privilege of participating in an event that was just a little bit more personal for us and we could not be happier about it. Living in a small town has allowed us to watch as the precious preschoolers from what feels like only yesterday have flashed forward and blossomed into well rounded, big hearted, hard thinking young adults ready to spread themselves out into the big, exciting world, away from our tightknit Island. We are so hopeful and proud to see these kids off. This tiny island village has produced a fine group of humans and we were so very honored to be a part of celebrating their graduation from South Whidbey High School this past weekend.

It was so much fun watching them hop in the photo booth to snap some memories with their younger siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers and mentors. We laughed and felt so much joy as they piled on the props, struck some poses and compared their photo strips, knowing that they would be able to remember this special time for years to come with that captured memento of silliness stuck up on the fridge or tacked up onto the dorm room wall.

We know that we are lucky to be able to celebrate with you! So thank you for allowing us to be a part of capturing your fun memories with you. Good luck to you South Whidbey grads. Have fun in America!

Graduates, Friends and Family, here is a link to view the photos from your event:

Feel free to tag yourselves 🙂


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